Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Art Supplies - February

This weekend, I went and picked up a few art supplies:

I picked up a Pigma Micron 005 in blue because I wanted a blue pen for inking, and I also wanted a thicker black, so I got a Pigma Micron 05 in black.  

I've been wanting the R27 Copic for Spider-Man. I already had R20, R22, R24, and R29, so the new marker helped to round out that blending group.

I also picked up a couple of blue Copics - B23 and B26 to blend with B24.

Since I had new blue and red markers, I decided to draw Captain Britain:

Copics used: E00, E11, B23, B24, B26, R24, R27, R29, and black (100)

I needed a few pencils. Here's what I drew with them (as well as some pencils I already had):
I drew this from a Ucan Draw tutorial on YouTube.
 I drew this from a Ucan Draw tutorial on YouTube.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Copic Collection

I haven't posted much to my blog lately. I've been busy making art and I need to make more of an effort to post it here.

If you want to see what I've been drawing, my Twitter feed has lots of pictures.

I thought that I would show you my current collection of Copic Markers. Of course, there are many more that I want, but it takes time to grow a collection.

Here's what I currently have:


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Video Game Birthday Party

Last year, we had an awesome Minecraft birthday party. This year, we had a video game themed party.

Here is the invitation that my mom made in Photoshop: 

We had the party at Re-Play Games. The party room had systems for Wii Us, PS4s, XBox Ones, and XBox 360s.  

Our cupcakes were simple: bright icing and video game characters and icons taped to pop cake sticks. 

We enjoyed putting together the goodie bags. Everyone got a Death of Wolverine comic, and then we found some Marvel pencils and erasers. We added some candy - Mario candy, gold coins, and hearts (for Legend of Zelda).  

My mom also designed a bookmark in Photoshop after seeing something similar on Pinterest.

I also drew an ATC of a comic book or video game character for each of my friends.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Science Project Video

This is a video for a science presentation in my class, not a regular blog post :)

Advance the video to 3:14 and watch until 3:42 to see how much venom a Stonefish has.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sask Expo

When I found out that we were going to Sask Expo, I decided to make a few artist trading cards.

My favourite part of the Expo was the Artist Alley. Seeing the amazing artwork and getting the chance to talk to the artists was incredible.

Here's the advice that I received from all of the artists:

1. Draw EVERY day.

2. Keep drawing.

3. Practice, practice, practice. Look at artists you like and see what they're doing.

4. But, also be careful that you develop your own style.

George Gingras
It was cool talking to George Gingras because he is a Saskatchewan artist. He designed the poster for National Aboriginal Day 2012. Check out his website here.

Daniel Schneider
Daniel Schneider is an artist from Edmonton. He has comic art as well as great Western art. His horses are awesome! Check out is art at Smashed Head Studios.

Simon Roy
Simon Roy is an artist from Victoria, BC. He signed my copy of The Field. Check out his work here.

Marvin Mariano
Marvin Mariano's work is incredible. He has done art for everyone from Lego to DC Comics. He is a freelance artist, and I loved his Stewie Griffin art. Check out his website here.

Jim Su
I enjoyed talking to Jim Su about his work in VFX. He has worked on a lot of cool projects including Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Ed Brisson
Talking to Ed Brisson was neat because he is a comic book writer. It was cool to hear how he works with artists to come up with the stories for the comics. Check out his website here.

Wes Craig
I was really excited to meet Wes Craig and have him sign a comic of one of my favourite superheroes, Nightwing. He was a very cool guy and does a lot of comics for grown ups now. 

Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh and I talked about art, but we also talked about Legend of Zelda because he had drawn a scene inspired by the Queen Gohma boss battle (you can see it here). He now does the art for the new Marvel series, Secret Avengers.

Marcus To
Marcus To is from Toronto, and he has worked with DC and Marvel. He gave me a really good idea about taking a scene from a book that I really like and thinking about how I could tell the story through my drawings. Check out his website here.

I really enjoyed talking to the artists, and it was cool to get some of their artwork too! I am feeling very inspired, and I wish there were more hours in the day so I could draw even more than I do!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Graphic Novel Project

For a school project, one of my options was to create a graphic novel for a chapter of a book that we read in class.

I figured this would be a good chance for me to use some of the art supplies I've been neglecting lately. It was also a good chance to talk my parents into buying me more copic markers, since I "needed them for a school project!"

First, I planned out the panels and sketched them in pencil. 

Then, I used my lightbox to trace the sketches with my copic multiliner (0.3).

Then, I realized I'd made a mistake and had to re-do page 1. Note to self, next time plan, plan, plan. 

Then I got out my copics!

For the skin, I used E000, E00, E11, and E21.

For the rest, I'll include the copics used right on the photo:

This character seems kind of shady in this chapter, so I kept him in the shadows. 

Here's a look at the project overall. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Step 1: Lego Set 71006 -The Simpsons House

There are two bags in step 1. (Sorry for the poor quality of this photo.)

You get the minifigs for Bart and Homer:

As you can see, the minifigures are different than the ones in Series 13. 
  • Bart's eyes are a little shifty. 
  • This one doesn't have the detail of the slingshot on his back.
  • Homer is wearing his work clothes and has a brief case.
  • He looks weary and tired from a long day at the nuclear plant.

You build a wheelbarrow with flower pots:

  • The wheelbarrow is property of Ned Flanders.
  • The flower pots are pretty cool.

There are 2 reclining chairs:

  • The chairs actually recline.
  • I'm impressed with the selection of pieces used to make this chair.

You build a barbecue:

  • This is also property of Ned Flanders.
  • This is way more detailed than any other Lego barbecue that I've built.

Check out Bart's skateboard ramp:

  • Notice Bart's graffiti on the ramp.
  • If you put Bart on his skateboard at the top, he tips over, so you have to hold him the whole time. (The skateboard rolls down fine if Bart isn't on top.)

Finally, you build the Simpson's car:

  • There is a stereo and gear shift.
  • It has a working trunk.
  • The license plate has Springfield, USA at the top.